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Our History

Good Samaritan Health Centers, Inc. (GSHC), the 501(c) 3 parent organization of Wildflower Healthcare, has actively responded to the changing healthcare needs of St. Johns County for over 25 years.

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What Drives Us

Wildflower Healthcare provides free, high quality dental and medical care to low-income, uninsured adult residents in St. Johns County. Volunteer health professionals provide high quality, compassionate care and health education through clinics and community outreach programs. Wildflower Healthcare plays a critical role in the county as a dental and medical home for our neighbors in need.

OUR MISSION is to ensure free access to high-quality, compassionate healthcare that improves the lives of uninsured adult residents in St. Johns County.

OUR VISION is to be recognized as a significant and valued contributor to the health and wellbeing of the people we serve in our community.

Our History

GSHC was established to serve the need for healthcare in the Lincolnville community. In 1995, GSHC began providing free dental and medical services to low-income, uninsured men and women through medical clinics held at St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church and dental clinics held at the St. Johns County Health Department.

GSHC expanded services in 1998 to offer monthly women’s medical clinics. In conjunction with New Mt. Moriah Christian Ministry in West Augustine and the St. Johns County Health Department, GSHC created the Wildflower Project in 2007 to provide pre-conceptual care for young women.


In response to community need for adult dental care, GSHC partnered with Anastasia Baptist Church and the Emergency Services Homeless Coalition to hold a five-day, mobile dental clinic for low-income, uninsured residents in 2007. The clinic successfully treated many patients, but demand exceeded resources and 100 people were turned away.

The GSHC Board of Directors responded to this demand by initiating a capital campaign to raise funds to build a permanent facility for dental and medical services. The underserved population had shifted from Lincolnville to West Augustine and New Mt. Moriah Christian Ministry donated land on Herbert Street for the Wildflower Clinic. Community response was tremendous. Thanks to generous grants, financial contributions, and in-kind donations of supplies, labor and services, the clinic opened debt-free and began patient care in January 2010.

As demand increased, GSHC expanded healthcare services beyond the Wildflower Clinic through community outreach programs. In 2018, the GSHC board rebranded the Wildflower Clinic as Wildflower Healthcare to reflect the scope of services offered beyond a single clinic location and to highlight our greater community impact. Although the name has changed, our mission remains the same: to ensure access to quality, compassionate healthcare that improves the lives of people we serve in our community.

Wildflower Healthcare will continue to respond to the changing healthcare needs of St. Johns County and contribute to a more effective healthcare system for our community for years to come.